The apparatus is used to determine air content of fresh concrete.

It consists of an aluminum cylindrical vessel with airtight cover assembly incorporating an air pump, a precision pressure gauge 90 mm dia. and valves.

Capacity is 7 lt and Air content range is 0 - 100%.

Lightweight, compact and durable, this meter allows quick clamping system and testing with few pump strokes.

It is not affected by change in atmospheric pressures. The meter measures up to 22% entrained air.

Direct pressure gauge reading to the nearest 0.1% up to 6%, 0.2% from 6 to 8% and 0.5% from 8 to 10%.

The container can be used also for unit weight measures of fresh concrete and aggregates.

The instrument can be calibrated and it is supplied complete with   Tamping
Used in conjunction with a suitable electronic balance for specific gravity determination of fresh and hardened concrete and aggregates.

To be used with a suitable electronic balance fitted with an under –hook facility.

The lower part of the frame incorporates a moving platform, which carries the water tank allowing the test specimens to be weighed in both air and water.

The balance is not included in the test set and must be ordered separately. Any type of electronic balance fitted with under-bench weighing facility can be used.

Specific Gravity Test Set complete with Specific Gravity Frame, Density Basket, Cradle and Density Tank.

Spare Parts & Accessories:
Rod and Straight Edge.

Carrying Case should be ordered separately.