Software can be performed in Turkish and English.
Test results, graphics and properties of 24 different specimens can be saved in one folder. Old test folders can be reviewed.
User can highlight all 12 different specimen curves in different colors on the graphics.
Frequently used information like name and location of the laboratory, type and dimensions of mostly used specimens are held in memory and can be written automatically by right clicking on information boxes and selecting frequently used text in menu.
User can access any data of previously completed tests and use in his/ her new report since most of the tests have same structure and properties.

Main Features

Pace rate control from 1 kN/sec to 20 kN/sec depending on piston size.
Can control 2 frames (optional)
Can make test with load control.
Real time display of test graph.
Analog channels for different frame load cells
RS-232 serial port connecting for computer interface
LCD display
2 different unit system selection; kN and kgf
Multi-language support (English and Turkish)
2 different unit system selection; SI and Metric
Real-time clock and date
Free of charge PC software for the test control and printout the test report.

Safety Features

Maximum pressure valves to avoid machine overloading
Piston travel limit switch
Emergency stop button
Software controlled maximum load value
Front and rear transparent durable Plexiglas guards