STANDARDS FOR CONCRETE SAMPLES: EN 12390-1, 12390-3, ASTM C31, C39, C192, C617 
STANDARDS FOR CORE SAMPLES:  EN 12390-1, 12390-3, 12504-1, ASTM C39, C42

Automatic Grinding Machine is quickly becoming the chosen alternative to the traditional rubber or sulphur capping method used by Quality Construction Labs.

Can be used to grind concrete specimens, rocks, natural stones, tiles, block pavers, ceramic materials etc.

This machine is ideal for commercial testing labs and large producers who need to prepare a lot of cylinders for testing or wait times associated with capping compounds.

Not only is it a safer and healthier option, it also provides a better result in surface finish as well as flatness.

The maximum tolerance on the flatness of the potential load bearing surface (the ends of compression test specimens) is 0.050 mm for concrete samples.

The deviation of perpendicularity of the side, with reference to the end faces is 0,5° for core samples.

Thanks to the design of the machine the optimum grinding time is only 120-150 seconds and set default time at the factory.

The safe and ergonomic design prevents the user to exposure to water and dust and provides easy access to the water inlet and outlet. Specimen adapters and water restraint panels can easily be installed without the need for any assembly.

All parts of the device is steel to prevent corrosion of water and concrete. The device has locking wheels for easy transport.

Used a high-quality genuine diamond cutting wheel, which is supplied, to produce an accurate, smooth finish. The wheel and device unique design helps to make more grinding with one wheel compare to other grinding machines.

In built water spray to clean the device.

Confirms all CE safety standards, including emergency stop, locking mechanism to prevent user accents.

In built drain filter to protect water drainage. Easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.

Adapters of cylinders, cubes and core samples can be easily mounted and removed.

Large base table for grinding contemporaneously up to;

3 pieces 150x300 mm cylinder samples, 3 pieces 100x200 mm cylinder samples, 1 piece 150x150x150 mm cube samples,

3 pieces min. Ø 35 mm, max. Ø 150 mm core samples

For contemporaneously up to;
1 piece 150x300 mm cylinder sample,
1 piece 100x200 mm cylinder sample,
1 piece 150x150x150 mm cylinder sample or
1 piece min. Ø 35 mm, max. Ø 150 mm core sample.

Supplied with Diamond Cutting Wheel and Adaptors for   150x300 mm cylinder samples.

Other adapters can be ordered separately.