STANDARDS: EN 196-3, 13279-2, 480-2; ASTM C191, C187

Automatic Vicat Apparatus s used for determinaton of setting time and consistency of cement/mortar/gypsum by Vicat Method.

The Automatic Vicat Apparatus can be programmed up to 4 d erent test types and can be stored over 50 tests. These test values can be printed from the PC port or transferred to the computer.

It automatcally records measurements up to 50 tests and stops automatca.lly The penetraton measure s read by a sensor wth 0,1 mm resoluton.
The Automatc Vicat Apparatus has RS 232 seral port for PC connecton and Display for data input and graphic/test report. It has Automatc Needle Cleanng Device and Consstency Plunger.

The EN Test set consst of Automatc Vicat Device,EN Vicat Mould, Intal Needle and Software.

The ASTM Test set consst of Automatic Vicat Device, ASTM Vcat Mould, ASTM Needle and Software. Thermostatc Bath savalable as an optonal and should be or  dered separately.

Conical penetration needle 08x50 mm and 100 g Probe to make gypsum tests following EN, DIS, Spefications should be ordered separately.

Other accessores should be doer red separately.