STANDARDS: EN 196-1, 459-2, 1015-11, 13454-2, EN ISO 679, ASTM C109, C348, C349, BS 3892-1, 4551-1

The Automatic Cement Compression and Flexure Machine have been designed for testing the flexure of the mortar prisms 40x40x160 mm and the compression on the 40x40mm pieces of prisms after the flexure test or 50x50 mm and 70,7 mm mortar cubes.
These machines also meet the requirements of CE norms for safety and health of the operator.
Compression and flexure jigs, distance pieces, and also removable transparent front-rear safety doors (should be factory installed) should be ordered separately.
The Automatic Cement Compression and Flexure Testing Machines allow less experienced operators to perform the tests.

The only required operations are;

Setting test parameters, including pace rate
Choosing the compression or flexure frame by using valve.
Choosing Capacity of the frame (to call calibration values of the required load cell)
Use load cell switch frame or compression side (up/down)
Pressing the START button on the control unit.
The machine automatically starts the rapid approach; switches the test speed after 1% of the load capacity of the machine and stops once the specimen failure.

The Automatic Cement Compression and Flexural Testing Machines consist of;

Very rigid two column single or double chamber Load Frames,
Automatic Hydraulic Power Pack,
Digital data acquisition & control system.

Cement Compression & Flexural Load Frames

15 kN and 250 kN high quality load cells are used on frames to provide high accuracy in load measuring. Both frames are fitted with round platens with Ø165 mm and these should be used together with suitable flexure and compression jigs.

Distance Pieces

Due to the modular design of the frames any sample with suitable size, load and pace rate can be test on both chambers by decreasing the distance between platens.

Upper Platens

Manufactured from high quality steel which is hardened (more than HRC 53), smoothed and finished.
The roughness value for the surface texture of machine and auxiliary platens are 3,2 µm. the movable design.

Loading Cylinder Assembly & Limit Switch

All frames have a s ngle act ng up strok ng ram. The d ameter of p ston changes w th regard to the capac ty.
The maximum ram stroke is 50 mm, a limit switch is fitted to prevent over travel of the ram which cuts the power to the pump. There is a low friction coaxial PTFE seal between the cylinder and the piston fitted to the cylinder.


Hydraulic Power Pack

Automat c Hydraul c Power Pack, dual stage, controlled by d g tal readout and control unites designed to supply the required oil to the load frames for loading. Controller unit has a simple and compact configuration.
Very silent power pack can load the specimen between 0,05 to 2.4 kN/sec with an accuracy of ±5%. A Rapid approach pump is supplied as standard. Safety valve (maximum pressure valve) is used to avoid machine overloading.

Dual Stage Pump

The dual stage pump  s formed by two groups;

1. Low pressure gear pump
2. High pressure radial piston pump
On the dual stage pump, a high delivery, low pressure gear pump is used for rapid approach, while a low delivery, high pressure radial piston pump is used for test execution. The rapid approach facility shortens the  time interval from piston  start  until the  upper platen touches  to  the specimen. This excellent feature helps to save a lot of time when a large number of specimens are going to be tested.


The motor which drives the dual pumps in an AC motor and it is controlled by motor inverter. The variation in the oil flow is executed with the variation of the rotation speed of the motor.
Maximum capacity is 400 bar.

Distribution Block

A distribution block is used to control the oil flow direction supplied by the dual stage pump, the following parts are fitted to the distribution block; Solenoid valve, Safety valve (max. pressure valve), Transducer, Low pressure gear pump and High pressure radial piston pump.

Oil Tank

The tank includes enough oil to fill the mechanism which pushes the ram during the test. The level and oil temperature can be seen on the indicator fitted to the tank. It has 25 L capacity. Hydraulic motor oil, number 46, must be used.

Digital Readout and Control Unit

The unit is designed to control the machine and processing of data from load-cells and pressure transducers which are fitted to the machine.
All the operations of the unit is controlled from the front panel consisting of a LCD display and function keys.
The unit has easy to use menu options.
Digital graphic display unit loading rate of the time of Testing and load values can be monitored.
Digital graphic display is able to draw real-time “Load vs. Time”, or “Stress vs. Time” graphics.


Sample, company, laboratory and test values can be entered in the programme. Load-time graphic, test reports and sample reports can be taken.

Main Features

Pace rate control from 0,05 kN/sec to 2,4 kN/sec depending on piston size.
Can control 2 frames
Can make test with load control.
Real time display of test graph.
Analog channels for different frame load cells
10 data per second sample rate for each channel
RS-232 serial port connecting for computer interface
LCD display
Multi-language support (English and Turkish)
2 different unit system selection; SI and metric
Real-time clock and date
Free of charge PC software for the test control and printout the test report.

Safety Features

Maximum pressure valves to avoid machine overloading
Piston travel limit switch
Emergency stop button
Software controlled maximum load value