STANDARDS: TS 10521, TS10521-T1

Clay Abrasion Tester is used to determine the abrasion property of materials like clay, calcite, sepiyolit, talcum which are used in production of paper, ink, pigment, paint etc.

The device work like the same principle of Voith Allis Valley abrasion testing device.

The motor rotates Abrasive apparatus and the weight on it works 75-80 rpm (forward- backward 1 revolution, total hit 170 can be adjustable)

The device works without any problem in that revolution rate for 2 hours (6000 revolutions)

The device control unit stop the device at any given revolution value.

Metal plate supports the abrasion wire is made of stainless steel. The plate is locked by a locking mechanism.

The suspension tank has a 3,5 lt capacity and made of corrosion and wear resistant material.

The capacity of the circulation pump which send suspension to abrasion wire is 190 lt/h(50 gal/h).

The device is complete with a 210 µm opening, 22,4 x 8,7 cm wide brass wire, Pack of 1000.