STANDARDS: EN 1367-1, EN 12390-2, EN 12390-9, EN 196-1

Designed for all research and control laboratories to perform: cold and/or hot temperature measurement at controlled humidity conditions, any kind of freezing/thawing tests, accelerated curing tests.

Climatic Chamber is designed to simulate real climate conditions by controlling and changing temperature, humidity, night and day light cycles. Devices Temperature and humidity control range allows making different kind of tests. Also stability, artificial aging, storage and shelf-life tests can be done with great controlled conditions.

Used to cure concrete (EN 12390-2) and cement specimens (EN 196-1) and analyze the behaviour to freezing and thawing of aggregates (EN 1367-1) and concrete (EN 12390-9).

The inner side of the device is made of stainless steel and outer side is made of electrostatically painted steel for long term of usage.

Shelves can be taken off and adjustable in height; adjustable feet.

The powerful lamps protected by anti-humidity glass cover supplies day light to the samples.

Inner tempered glass door allows user to see the samples without disrupting the settled temperature and humidity values. High density polyurethane injected between the inner chamber and outer wall for

Insulation of the device.

Humidity is supplied with a humidity generator and read from a humidity sensor inside the inner chamber. This allows accurate reading and control on the values.

Temperature is controlled with a PID system. Humidity and cooling systems are controlled proportionally.

Temperature safety is supplied with a safety thermostat.

The device is controlled and run from a touch screen 128x64 pixel LCD screen.

Powerful air circulation provides stabile temperature distribution even in low temperature and humidity settings. This also provides fast recovery time after door is opened and closed again.

It equipped with advanced microprocessor control system. 10 programs can be saved to the system.

The device can be connected to a computer with a RS-232 cable which is supplied optionally.

The gas used for the cooler does not include CFC’s.