Core Cutting Machine is mainly used to cut rock, concrete and core specimens of various sizes and to obtain two half cylinders from core specimens. Made of 5 mm sheet metal.
Cutting capacity up to Ø 110 mm and 1200 mm length.

Movement is given by means of a gear motor to Core Cutting motor.

The Core Cutting Machine has a water cooling system which prevents the heating of the cutting stone.

The forward and backward speeds of the movement which has given by the gear motor can  be  adjusted  separately. The forward and backward distances can be adjusted with switches.

The motion motor which moves the Core Cutting motor by means of forward and backward reducer is 0.55 kW.

The Core Cutting motor has an IP 55 protection class, with a power of 5.5 kW and a rotation speed of 4000 rpm.

It has a long-lasting electric pump with cooler.

In the reducer which is used to reduce the motor output cycle by means of gears by passing through certain steps, rate of the input/output cycle is 7.5. The Core Cutting Machine do not make cutting head oscillating movement.
There is shield apparatus to prevent scattering of particles.

There is a V bedding system on the purpose of to obtain a half cylinder that up to 1200 mm to cut the core. The V bedding system has a specimen rest support and precautions have been taken to prevent the specimen from slipping during cutting of the specimen.

It is painted with electrostatic dye to resistant the scratch. Thermic magnetic switch for motor protection is available. The Core Cutting Machine has 4 feets with a height of 90 cm.
It can circulate its own water thanks to the water tank and water pump to be installed on the Concrete Cutting Machine.

The Concrete Cutting Machine is equipped with Quintet three-phase industrial type male plugs with grounded and 3 phase, neutral, earth connection.

The Concrete Cutting Machine is supplied with the wrench and equipment for removing and installing the Core Cutting Blade.