STANDARDS: EN 196-1, ISO 679

Curing Cabinet is used for curing of cement, concrete cubes or other mortar specimens. It can be used for curing cement specimens within the mould or after removing from  the mould.

The curing cabinet provides 20 ± 1°C temperature and over 95% RH humidity for cement specimens.

Internal chamber and racks are made of stainless steel. The temperature is maintained at 20 ± 1°C by a immersion heater and refrigerator unit which are supplied complete with cabinet. The cabinet is equipped with a digital control unit which controls and monitors the temperature.

The humidity is maintained from 95% to saturation by water nebulizers and is also monitored on the digital control unit.

Two models are available. Single Programmed Model has Numeric Display and Step Controlled (10 programs) has LCD Touch Screen.