STANDARDS: EN 13286-47, BS 1377:4, ASTM D1883, AASHTO T193, NF P94-078, UNI CNR 10009

The Digital CBR Test Machine is designed for performing laboratory evaluation  of the CBR value of highway sub-bases and sub-grade and determination of the strength of cohesive materials.

The device is composed of a robust and compact two column frame with adjustable upper cross beam driven by an electromechanical ram with a maximum capacity of 50 kN and a data acquisition and processing system.

The CBR Test Machine designed to load the penetration piston into the soil sample at a constant rate to measure the applied load and piston penetration at predetermined intervals.

The frame has 50 kN capacity. Two test speeds are provided 1.0 mm/min for BS and 1.27 mm/min. for ASTM/EN/AASHTO Tests.

Loading and unloading are down from the front panel by UP/DOWN buttons.

For safety, the up and down travel of the lower platen is limited the use of limit switches.

The measuring system consists of a 50 kN capacity load cell fitted to the upper cross beam to read stability values and the 25 x 0.01 mm Displacement Sensor fitted to the column.

Supplied complete with LCD Control Unit, 50 kN capacity Load Cell, 25 x 0.01 mm Displacement Sensor  and CBR Penetration Piston.