STANDARDS:  BS 4551-1, 6463-4

Used to measure the consistency of cement mortars, Dropping Ball Apparatus allows 25 mm diameter acrylic ball to fall freely from a standard height of 250 mm into a specimen of mortar contained into a brass ring mould, and the surface of which has been carefully prepared.

The depth of the ball penetration into the mortar gives the specimen consistency. The instrument comprises a Dropping Device mounted on a Stand, Acrylic Ball, Ø 100 x 25 mm Mould.
The base of the stand is machined. Chromed finishing.
Ball Penetration Measuring Device should be ordered separately. It formed by a tripod on which a dial gauge 30 x 0,01 mm is mounted. A device to adjust the height of the dial in relation to the tripod is also included. Chromed finishing.