EN 13589, 13398, 13703 | ASTM D113 | AASHTO T51 | AASHTO T300

General Description

The NDTM-1024 Ductility Testing Machine is used to determine the ductility of bituminous materials in a briquette mould by measuring the breaking elongation at a constant speed of 50 mm/min. It is designed for testing 4 specimens simultaneously. The Internal tank ismade of stainless steel. The bath is fitted with an

immersion heater in order to obtain (in normal conditions), the 25°C test temperature. Each machine comprises speed control and water circulator to maintain the homogenous water temperature.

The NDTM-1025 Ductility Testing Machine with Cooling Unit has the same specifications with NDTM-1024 Ductility Testing Machine but with an additional cooling unit and It is not possible to convert NDTM-1024 to NDTM-1025. NDTM-1026 Force Ductility Testing Machine has 4 loadcells. The accuracy of loadcells are ±0,1N with a maximum capacity of 300 N.

The NDTM-1024 has a cooling unit NDTM-1026 model is equipped with BC 100 TFT Graphic Display Automatic Control and Data Acquisition Unit. Failure condition can be down loaded to the Unit. Speed can be set and load-displacement curves are drawn through the software. - Elongation measurement through motor encoder. - 4 simultaneous load measurement with18 bit resolution. 

Speed contol with servo AC motor between 0,01 to 100 mm/min.
Ethernet connection for computer interface. Moulds and mould base plates should be ordered separately for all type machine.