This portable hand operated apparatus is used for the rapid in-situ measurement of the structural properties of existing   road
pavements constructed with unbound materials.

The DPC Penetrometer results can be compared and interpreted with CBR (California Bearing Ratio) as per sperimental Kleyn 1982 studies.

Continuous measurements can be made down to a depth of approximately 800 mm or, when extension shafts are used, to a recommended maximum depth of 2 m.

Dynamic cone penetrometer, consists of;

Drop sliding hammer 8 kg weight dropping mass trough a height of 575 mm, Penetration rod, 2 pcs. 60° cone,
Anvil with driving rod, Segmented lower extension rod, Segmented upper extension rod,
Segmented adaptor for extension rods, Bar wrench,
Spanners, Tommy bar, Steel Ruler,
All contained in a wooden carrying case.