STANDARDS: TS 213-1, EN 13748-1, TS 213-2, EN 13748-2

Electromechanical Flexural Testing Machine can test flexure stress of different kind of materials.
The Device works with an Electromechanical Motor and maximum capacity of the frame is 50 kN. Piston is located under the platen and 50 kN load cell is installed on the top of the bridge. The vertical distance can be adjusted by the help of the upper platen.
Test machine can be controlled from the computer automatically or run from the control unit automatically or manually.
Load/stress values can be read from the computer online or from the LCD screen Graphic Readout Unit. Device is protected by an emergency switch and upper and lower piston limit switches.

The machine consists of;

Loading Frame
Digital graphic readout unit

Loading Frame

The frame made of a cast steel base includes gearbox, supports 2 miles Holding bridge and load cell system. The base is supported by 4 column Table for easy carriage.

Digital Graphic Readout Unit

The unit is located at the base support. The load cell and motor is Connected to the unit and load values are read from graphic display.


The device can be connected to any computer with serial port or USB with Serial port adapter.
The program can record the test data and Print out the test report.