STANDARDS: ASTM D4429, BS 1377:7, 1924:2

Used to determine quickly and efficiently the bearing capacity of soils on road constructions, foundations, road subgrades etc.

The Field (In-situ) CBR Test Set is 50 kN capacity.

The set consist of 50 kN capacity Mechanical Jack with ball seating, 50 kN capacity Load Ring, CBR Penetration Piston, Analog Penetration Dial Gauge (30 x 0,01 mm), Adjustable Dial Gauge Holder, Set of Extension Rods (2 pieces 102 mm, 1 pieces 305 mm and 1 pieces 610 mm), Datum Bar Assembly with two Tripod Stands, 4,5 kg Annular Surcharge Weight, 4,5 kg Slotted Surcharge Weights and Carrying Case.

Conversion Frame is used to convert the In-situ CBR test to a Mechanical Laboratory CBR test machine.

The system is easily assembled onto the Conversion Frame with the addition of some of the accessories included in The Field (In-situ) CBR Test Set. The frame is used with the Jack, Load Ring, CBR Mould and Penetration Piston.