Jaw crusher is used for crushing the natural rocks, ores and minerals to millimetric scale by crushing.

It is a very useful for sample preparation in laboratories and industrial plants. Application Examples: alloys, basalt, cement clinker, ceramics, chamotte, coal, coke, construction materials, feldspar, glass and various materials.
It has suitable base for stable fitting the ground. If necessary, can be screwed on the floor or wheel connections can be made to become mobile.

Material Feeding dimension is Ø 90 mm. After crushing, %75 of the all specimens become smaller to 2 mm and also lower than 2 mm.

The capacity of crushing is 200 kg per hour and it is suitable for adding specimens continuously.
3 kW motor is used.
Jaw crusher consists of three main parts; Feeding Funnel, Body and Collector. All of this main parts are manufactured of metal alloy materials which are durable. All of this main parts are electrostatic painted.

The Feeding Funnel has an interior design which allows the user to put his hand inside and which prevent to rebounding the fed material by hitting to jaws. At the same time it is connected to the main body with hinge so that it can be opened easily during cleaning.

The Feeding Funnel can be locked to the body by a locking mechanism to prevent accidental opening of the crusher during the operation of the crusher. In case of manual opening of the lock, it has a safety arrangements to stop the device instantly.

The Body is designed the way that as dust will not leak out during operation. The noise emission level according to the working atmosphere is maximum 85 dB.

Drive of the mechanical parts that move the crusher jaws is made by V-belt system which attached to motor and there is also a central lubrication system that is easy to maintain for all moving parts.

The device has an electronic-mechanical equipment that can protect itself and stop working if wedge of the material and in such situations as overheating of the crusher during operation of the device.

The jaws can be easily removed from the place where they are mounted because the device is suitable for cleaning, maintenance or changing purposes.

Crusher material is 16-18 1,5 Chrome Manganese Steel    of the Jaw Crusher. Wear Plates of the Jaw Crusher are manufactured from 450 Brinell material.

The distance between jaws can be adjusted between 0-15 mm and uninterruptedly.

Zeroing setting can be made for the distance between jaws. And also both the zero point and the distance between jaws can be easily read from the outside with an analog display. There is a Collector at the bottom of the Jaw Crusher.