Pneumatic Disc Mill is used for pulverizing the soil, rock, cement, limestone, ceramic, metal oxides etc. rigid fragile materials. Supplied with 800 cc Standard Steel Grinding Set.
100 cc Steel Grinding Set is available as an optional and should be ordered seperately. Loss of material is minimum during the pulverizing.
The Steel Grinding Set vibrates the Grinding Jar and Pulverizing is carried out by means of a disk in the Jar.

With the belt pulley system, achieves three-dimensional vibration by moving the shaft.

Material feed size is <20 mm and the final fineness for % 85 of grinded material is
< 0.075 mm depending on feed material and instrument configuration/settings.

The Pneumatic Disc Mill is designed the way that as dust will not leak out during operation. The noise emission level according to the working atmosphere is maximum 85 dB.

Internal body is covered with fireproof acoustics noise insulation material and dust and dirt entry onto the materials such as motor and shaft are prevented.

The cover mechanism has been designed appropriately in terms of occupational health and safety.

The Pneumatic Disc Mill has a locking mechanism and a cover for ve sound insulation.

There is an Adjustable Timer.

The Pneumatic Disc Mill stop when the door opens or the air pressure decrease, automatically.

Air Compressor should be ordered separately.