The outer diameter of the Cylinder Reservoir of Pressure Filter Device which made the filtration is 250 ± 5 mm and manufactured from 304 stainless steel. The size of the Cylinder Reservoir is 400 ± 5 mm and the thickness is 6 mm.

The inside surface of the Reservoir, the top and bottom surfaces are smooth.

The bottom part of the Reservoir where the filter paper will be placed is made of silicone and stainless thin wire braided material which will provide the drainage of water and liquid with special grooves.

There is a cover that compress from the top of the Cylinder Reservoir of Presssure Filter Device which made the filtration. Silicone gaskets are used to provide the sealing under this cover.

There is a gauge on the top of cover, showing a pressure of at least 10 bar. At the same time there is an inlet which discharges the air in the compressor.

There is a safety valve that discharges in high pressure applications.

To  transfer  the  air  in  the  compressor,  a  pressure  resistant 3 m special hose is used. The other end of this hose has an connecting apparatus for air compressor.

There is a safety system to prevent the flow down the material when the liquid is poured into the Cylinder Reservoir.

There is a valve through which the air can be evacuated  from the cover.

At the last stage, there is a handle which can lift a little the Cylinder Reservoir to get the material that on the filter paper.

There is a hose on the underside of the device to flow the filtered liquid from the filter paper. The device is wheeled. Wheels can be locked.