The Roller Crusher is used for the rapid, safe and efficient crushing and secondary crushing of medium-hard, hard, brittle    and tough materials. It is a very useful for bulk working and pilot plant working. Application Examples: Alloys, basalt,      cement clinker, ceramics, chamotte, coal, coke, construction materials, feldspar, glass and various materials.

Size of roller is 250*150 mm.

The size of the crushed parts is maximum 12 mm and the size of the crushed material is 3 - 0,2 mm, depending on the clearance between rollers.

The body of the crusher is designed as steel construction.

Rolls are tapered. It is possible to adjust the roller distances by means of an arm.

The lid that covers the rollers where the material inlet hopper is also connected does not leak dust. The carrier body is completely closed and there is a collecting container inside.

The revolutions of the rolls are supplied by a reducer with appropriate strength. The tension in the roller is absorbed by a spring system.
Capacity for 2 mm thick material is 0,3-0,5 m3.