EN 12607-1 | ASTM D2872 | AASHTO T240

General Description

The Rolling Thin Film Oven (RTFOT) is asphaltic semirigid material on a moving film of air and heat are used to measure the effect. External body and inner surface made of stainless steel. The middle portion is insulated with fiberglass. A wide range of devices for observation of the door is covered with glass. Oven must be connected to a suitable source of air pressure.
Rolling Thin Film Oven (RTFOT) is equipped of a dual safety thermostat to prevent accidental over-heatings. 8 pieces of 64 x 140 mm diameter glass carriers will be delivered.
The RTFOT is supplied complete with;
Digital thermostat to maintain 163°C temperature,
Control thermometer ASTM 13C,
Ventilation device,
Diameter 64x140 mm 8 glass containers.