A perfect and comparable analysis is closely related to the correct sampling. Based on that, rotary sample divider is designed for sampling, dustless separation and reduction of large quantities of powder or granular bulk materials.
This machine is used in various area such as materials Portland cement clinker, chemicals, construction materials, fertilizers, fillers, flours, grains, metal powders, minerals, nut, sand, seeds, soil, dust washing etc. in areas of agriculture, biology, chemical, plastic, building materials, engineering, electronic, environment, recycling, food, geology, metallurgy, glass, ceramic.

The added material is divided equally into the buckets which rotating in a “circle” motion.

Sample buckets are made of AISI 304(1.4031) quality stainless steel with a sheet thickness of 2 ± 01 mm and are made up of 8 divisions, each with 10 lt chambers in triangular prism shape. Depending
on demand, production can be done in special dimensions.

The feeding chamber is made of AISI 304(1.4031) quality stainless , steel and the other parts are made of electrostatic powder paint on steel.

Sample buckets have handles to easy and safe carrying.
Feeding speed and quantity are adjustable steplessly with the help of magnetic vibration system.

Sample feeding system is vibratory. Feeding system can be adjusted with horizontal to 0°C and 10 °C from the base of the device.

Dividing speed of sample buckets can be adjusted between 0 and 60 rpm steplessly with electronic speed control panel. The sample buckets can be rotated with the rotation adjusted drive motor.

The sample buckets are attached to each other with removable, made of steel suitable material with edge of the buckets to avoid the material coming from the feeder during the sample flow to the gap between sample buckets.

Sample feeding Speed can be adjusted steplessly by vibration coil and variac system. Rotary table control and vibration control panel is easy to use.
The grain size capacity of the Rotary Sample Divider is 0-50 mm.

Rotary Sample Divider is equipped with a mobile chassis on four wheels and has a stabiliser safety system on the wheel.