ASTM D5 | EN 1426 | AASHTO T49

General Description

The Semi-Automac Digital Bitumen Penetrometer is used to determine the penetraon of bituminous samples under constant load, me and temperature. The bitumen penetrometer is consists of steel base, leveling screws, digital penetraon measurement gauge 0.01 mm precision, release buon, automac zeroing and spirit level. NSAD-1010 is supplied with semi automac mer unit. Penetraon mer unit is used to release the plunger fied with the needle to start the 5 seconds test. Thermometers required for the test should be ordered separately.
The Semi-Automac Digital Penetrometer is supplied with;
Penetraon Needle, 2,5g, 1 piece
Transfer Dish
Sample Cup Ø 55x35 mm, 6 pieces, stainless steel