Thermometers are used for monitoring  of  temperature  development  of  mass  concrete.  The number of measurement points for connectors and the cable length needed for each measurement point should be indicated.

Model Temperature Datalogger  can  measure  the  temperature  of  four  different measurement points simultaneously. It also has a super-size memory for up to 2 Million readings; This gives you the freedom to read out the logger data at longer intervals, even when measuring cycles are shorter. An exceptionally wide measurement range and is compatible with a number of different thermocouple elements making it ideal for professional use in a variety of different fields. Battery life is 8 years at 15 min. measuring rate. Measuring rate is 1 s to 24 h (freely selectable, for online measurement 2 s to 24 h).

K-Type Thermocouple Cable and Connector should be ordered separately.