STANDARDS: ASTM D2850, D4767, D7181, AASHTO T297, BS 1377-7, BS 1377-8

Triaxial Testing Machine is used to make Triaxial Tests. Determining the mechanical properties of soils is a very important step to design foundations, embankments and other soil structures.

Building constructions, excavations, tunneling and similar applications have several effects on the subsoil structures and these effects are successfully simulated with Triaxial Tests where the stress-strain relation of undisturbed soil specimen are investigated by subjecting the soil sample to different stress levels and drainage conditions.

The Triaxial Test System provides Automated Triaxial Compression Tests on cylindrical undisturbed and remolded soil samples. Unconsolidated Undrained (UU) Compression Tests can be automatically run, controlled and reported using this apparatus.

The device is composed of a robust and compact two column frame with adjustable upper cross beam driven by an electromechanical ram with a maximum capacity of 5 kN.

The testing speed can be set between 0,0001 mm/min to 9,9999 mm/min. The test automatically stops when load and displacement is reached to 95% value of the set measuring range.

Triaxial Testing Machine is supplied complete with 5 kN Load Cell, 25 mm Displacement Sensor and Digital Readout and Control Unit.

The other Test Accessories should be ordered separately.


The System is Supplied with Triaxial Testing Machine, 5 kN capacity Load cell, Triaxial Cell for Ø38 and Ø50 mm samples or Triaxial Cell for Ø70 and Ø100 mm samples (Choose the suitable cell for the specimen size), Analog Manometer, Air and Water Constant Pressure System, Software to Perform UU Triaxial Tests and De-Airing Water Tank and Hose.

Digital Manometer is optional and should be ordered separately instead of Analog Manometer.