STANDARDS: EN 12697-9, 12697-10, 12697-32, BS 598:10, BS 1377:4, 1924:2

The Vibratory Compactor Set is  used  to  prepare  the  moulded  test specimens of bituminous mixtures in loose state by using the vibratory compaction technique. Such specimens are used to determine maximum density as described EN 12697- 5, bulk density as described in EN 12697-6, void characteristics as described in EN 12697-8, reference density as described in EN 12697-9 or compactability as described in EN 12697-10 for a bituminous mixtures.

Vibratory  Compactor  Set  consists  of  a  Vibrating  Hammer, Supporting Frame, Small and Large Tamping Foots and 300 mm Shank.

The set is also used for compaction of proctor and CBR soil specimens.

Vibrating Hammer has double insulated motor, trigger handle, for asphalt compaction in percentage refusal density test. It can be used also for the compaction of proctor and CBR specimens.

Supporting Frame for Vibrating Hammer; the sliding mass has a total weight (including hammer and tamping foot) of 37 kg as requested by EN standards. Steel made, plated against corrosion.

CBR Type Modified Proctor Mould (Vibrating Hammer Mould) and C Spanner should be ordered separately.